Live Musik, ein gutes Glas Wein und ein frisches, leckeres Essen. Kann ein (spät) sommerlicher Abend schöner aussehen?
Wir bringen Euch die schönsten Acoustic Tunes von unseren wundervollen, talentierten Künstlerinnen.

Jeden zweiten Freitag ab 20Uhr live im Botanista Cafe Club

Freitag, 15. September um 20Uhr mit Margot

Vor-Feiertags Special:
Montag, 2. Oktober um 20Uhr mit Margot

Freitag, 13. Oktober um 20Uhr mit Marta
Freitag, 27. Oktober um 20Uhr 

Hi, I'm Marta

Age: 27 years

Hometown: Reus, Spain 

Music style: Pop, Country 

Personal Fact: I am a materials engineer, working for the aerospace industry. My dream is to become an astronaut. 

I became a singer... when I was 16. I saw a friend of mine playing the guitar and I felt like that was my thing. So, I asked my parents for a guitar that Christmas, and learnt how to play and how to sing on my own. Playing the guitar and singing relaxes me from my stressful day at work as an engineer and allows me to connect with people and have a good time. I have always felt a strong connection with music, since I have also been dancing since I was just 3 years old. 

My experience at Botanista... was great! People were very engaging and the atmosphere was really cool. I think Botanista really fits my music style and vibes. 

Follow me on Insta: @martaaferranmusic 

Hi, I'm Margot

Age: 31

Hometown: London, UK. Moved to Munich in 2019.
My music style: I play a mix of stripped back acoustic covers and original songs usually from the Pop/Folk genre for Botanista Acoustic Nights but enjoy playing a wide range from Rock to RnB to Country. My original songs express big emotions through catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. 

Personal fact: I am a classically trained guitarist but I gave up any dream of working as a musician in favour of a stable job. I worked long hours for many years in London with no time for music. It was once I moved to Munich and over lockdown, whilst overcoming depression, that I discovered I could write songs. Since then, I realised music is my purpose in life and I am taking the steps towards becoming a full time singer songwriter. 

Why I became a singer... I started training my voice primarily with the goal to do my own songs justice but it is now much more than that. Singing allows me to express myself in ways I cannot do when I am just speaking. I come out of my shell when singing and feel deeply connected to myself and the other people in the room.

My experience at Botanista... Botanista is my favourite place to come to for a coffee. I would often come with friends or alone to collect my thoughts and work quietly. I always thought it would be a lovely place to have live music and was thrilled when the team agreed to trial live music with me. It is magical every time I play here, especially in summer with the beautiful lit up terrace outside. 

Instagram account: @margotlistmusic

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